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About Us
Meaning of Our Logo It's a book standing for knowledge, which is power and which is wealth;
It's a eagle standing for ambition, which aims at heaven and looks down the earth;
It's a bridge standing for communication, which spreads over the world and guides us to a good future.
School Motto Inherit   Enhance   Combine   Create
Introduction Golden Bridge Institute is a professional language school in Los Angeles area. It focuses on teaching Chinese PIN YIN, simplified words and standard common speech of mainland China. It has capability to have a series of Chinese text books composed and published. Its teachers are excellent and its quality of teaching is in high level. It was established in summer 1995 by Mr. Jiahua Tan and Mrs. Vicky Xie , both are from Capital Normal University in Beijing, China. It has 18 years in history and almost one thousand students have been in this school from then to now.
  • Definite Goal and Task in Teaching
    Teaching students to master over 2,000 Chinese words and 100 or more sentence patterns in 5 years; Cultivating students to master proper pronunciation of Chinese and basic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing; Practicing students in communication in Chinese
  • Systematized Teaching and Graded by Level
    Having unified teaching plan and syllabus, unified homework and examination Students are graded by level and age, so to modify the way of teaching to suit the special requirement of each class, as a saying “Shoot the arrow at the target”.
  • Excellent Teachers and Textbooks Composed on our own
    Golden Bridge Chines Series is a series of Chinese textbook composed by teachers of Golden Bridge Institute. Its content is connected with students’ life, so it is easy for students to be understood and practiced. These books are written in Chinese with English translation. The text and its accompanying pictures are both excellent, which are lively and vivid. This series have been published by China Renmin University Press, and have been bought by a South Korean and an American publisher for further translation in different language. The comment from the school that has used this series of textbook is good.
    • Owning an exclusive set of tutoring materials and home-works matching with the main current textbook 《中文》by 暨南大学华文学院;
    • Owning an exclusive textbook 《A Course For SAT II Chinese》written by Golden Bridge Institute’s teacher;
    • Owning an exclusive textbook about Chinese culture 《Access To China》 written by Golden Bridge Institute’s teacher.